HVBC Presents our Merry Fitness
31-Day At Home Holiday Challenge

Commit to get fit for the holidays!!

I would like to invite you to take part in HVBC'S Merry Fitness 31-day At Home Holiday Challenge!

Join me as we "workout" our way through the holidays together for just 20 minutes a day...at home

The Challenge starts Sunday December 1st and 
 finishes on Tuesday December 31st!


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Are you already stressing about the thought of all the holiday parties, dinners, gatherings and the weight gain that comes along with it?  

A study showed that the average weight gain from Halloween to New Years is 5-6 pounds!  We want to help you avoid that AND help you get fitter and stronger in just 31days!


Our goal is to keep you moving and getting stronger while burning tons of calories so you can feel 100% confident in your body & physical abilities for the holidays...AND be ready to take on the New Year! 


This challenge will be run from a private Facebook group and can be done in the comforts of your own home! 


We will complete 1-20 minute workout per day for 31 days covering a wide variety of fun and effective training methods.


How it works!

Each day I’ll post a short video in our group explaining the workout and plan of the day (along with exercise demonstrations), so you can complete the workout anytime or anywhere.

These workouts are just 20-25 minutes so you can easily

schedule them into your day. 


You'll enjoy a wide variety of workouts (HIIT, endurance & strength training), so you see the best possible results.

                                                                             ✔️Monday: Lower body focus

                                                                      ✔️Tuesday: Core focus

                                                                      ✔️Wednesday: Upper body focus

                                                                      ✔️Thursday: Cardio focus

                                                                      ✔️Friday: Compound focus 

                                                                      ✔️Saturday: Upper focus 

                                                                      ✔️Sunday: Rest or Cardio fun

Get the results you have always wanted!

As you get started, you’ll start to feel your energy levels peak, your body kick into high gear, and a powerful self-confidence start to emerge.


After just 2 weeks, you’ll be fitter, stronger, more productive, and your body will start to transform as you burn fat, build muscle and tone up. 


After just 3 weeks, you’ll start to look and feel like the best version of yourself. You will feel confident and definitely less stressed this holiday season! Less stressed?!  Who doesn't want that during this crazy season?


At the end of the 31days,  you won't believe how far you've come and how great you will look and feel! You will have made it through December stronger, fitter, less stressed and happier!


All through these 31 days, you can enjoy truly enjoy all the holiday festivities and not feel guilty!

Equipment Will You Need 


The workouts are designed using a combination of bodyweight, kettle bell, dumbbell and slam ball exercises. This gives you the variety to keep the workouts fresh, fun and super effective. 

For this challenge you will need the items listed below.  These items are an investment in your health and well being and will help you get results you are looking for.

Kettlebell (10-20lb Depending On Your Fitness)

  • Combines strength and cardio training for a toned, lean look and better overall fitness results.

  • Develops functional strength which makes everyday life easier, has a low impact on the joints, increases flexibility, coordination and improves balance and posture.  

  • Strengthens the tendons and ligaments, making the joints more robust and less susceptible to injury.


Dumbbells (5-15lbs Depending On Your Fitness)​

  • Develops muscular, strength, endurance which improves your physical performance, and helps you gain lean muscle and lose body fat. 

  • Adds resistance to specific body weight exercises, making them more challenging, thus increasing the training effect.

  • Using lighter dumbbells for compound multipoint movements improves coordination between different body segments.


Slam Ball (10-20lb Depending On Your Fitness)

  • Develops strength, speed, muscular endurance and explosive power.

  • Incorporates compound & functional movements which deliver fast results in building muscle and burning fat.


Here is Why You Should Join Today! 

How long have you been saying you want to get back in shape to look and feel your best?

How many times has "getting back in shape" been your New Year's resolution? 

Let me help you get fit and become consistent with your fitness so you feel 100% confident in your body and ready to take on 2020!!  


Here’s what’s included over this 31-day fitness challenge:

  • 31 Powerful 20-25 minute training sessions 

  • 31 HIIT (High intensity interval training) finishers for accelerated results 

  • Motivation/Accountability: I'll support you every step of the way. 

  • Personal access to me (email, phone & chat support) without the cost of being one of my private clients.


Are you ready to take on this challenge with me?

 Hurry and sign up before 11/28 and get our
Healthy and Delicious Holiday Drinks ebook! 

HVBC'S Merry Fitness 31-Day Challenge is a one-time payment of $31 which works out at just $1 per session!  


To sign up, click the button  below which will take you to our secure payment sight. 


You will receive an email with all the details and the link to join our private Facebook group exclusively for our Merry Fitness challengers.  

I am looking forward to having some fun, burning some fat and getting in great shape with you throughout this holiday season! 


                                  HVBC'S 31 Day Merry Fitness at Home Holiday Challenge                                             is 100% risk free!




We believe so strongly that you will love this challenge and see results that we are offering a 100% money back guarantee. 


If you are not satisfied in any way, just reach out to us for a full refund!


Committed to your success! 


Donna Houlihan/Owner 

Hudson Valley Boot Camp